Pakistani media’s lies exposed as relatives of abducted Baloch identify the bodies of their loved ones

Bodies of Martyrs of Bolan
Bodies of Martyrs of Bolan

The Pakistan military and its state sponsored media reported on 10 August that the military has killed 6 ‘armed militants’ in an exchange of firing in Machh area of district Bolan in Balochistan. As the saying goes “A Lie has no legs to stand upon”– soon the misleading statements of Pakistan army and media were exposed as the families of previously abducted Baloch identified the bodies of their loved ones.

It became obvious that no arm clash took place in fact the Pakistan military has dumped the bodies of previously abducted Baloch who were in their custody and claimed to have killed them in a fake encounter. Relatives of these men said that they had received phone calls from unknown numbers informing them that their relatives have been killed and dumped. The victims of 10 August have been identified as 28 year old Bijjar Ahmad son of Ali Bux Marri, 35 year old Paliya son of Nodhan Marri, 20 year old Izzat Khan son of Wahsho Marri, 35 year old Dad Ali son of Raheem Khan Marri and Wahid Bux son of Nabi Bux Marri.

Bijjar Ahmad Marri was abducted on 24 June along with Khoda Dad Marri at an FC check point from Rabi area. Brutally tortured and mutilated body of Khoda Dad Marri was found in Dera Allah Yar on 1st July 2013 whereas Bijjar’s whereabouts remained unknown until 10 August. The other men including Paliya, Izzat Khan, Dad Ali, Wahid Bux and another two of their relatives were abducted from main bridge of Mach town on 8 August. The Pakistani security forces also took away their private Datsun pickup. Two of their relatives are still in the custody of Pakistani forces. Bullet-ridden dead bodies of another four Baloch were found on 11 August 2013. Their identity was ascertained as 25 year old Noor Mohammad son of Sharbat Khan Marri, 40 year old Raheemo son of Kechi Khan Marri, 30 year old Jumma Khan son of Mohim Khan Marri and 20 year old Razaq son of Nodhan Marri. They were all residents of Marri Abad area in Macch town, Balochistan. They were abducted during a raid on their house in the morning of 11 August and their bodies were found in the following evening. The relatives of all above named men have identified their loved ones and testified that all of them were arrested and abducted by Pakistani forces in the presence of several eyewitnesses and the news of their killing during a gun-battle fabricated by Pakistan army and media.

Bodies of all the nine victims were shifted to New Kahan Quetta where they have been buried with national pride in presence of hundreds of Baloch youth. The flag of free Balochistan has been hoisted on the graves of Baloch martyrs with the commitment that their blood will not be let to go in vain.

Military operation in New Kahan: A Marri Baloch populated area at Hazar Ganji Quetta known as New Kahan and nicknamed as the ‘Gaza Strip of Balochistan’ because of the frequent attacks and raids of Pakistan army, has been raided once again on Monday morning. According sources at least 80 trucks of Pakistan regular army, intelligence agencies and Para-military forces surrounded the area and start indiscriminate firing which created panic and harassment among the residents.

The Pakistan army, as it is their tradition, looted valuables, cash and other apparatus during the day-long operation. More than 30 people including, teenage boys and very frail aged men, have been arrested and shifted to unknown locations. Some of the abducted men are also said to be partially disabled. Women and children have also been subjected to brutal torture and harassment during the operation.

The residents of New Kahan in a statement said that they were not surprised that Dr Malik Baloch and Nawaz Sahrif has kept the tradition of their predecessors by initiating their operation from New Kahan because this area ‘Gaza Strip of Balochistan’ has always been targeted by each previous government.

They said that Pakistani state and the military must know that such brutal attacks cannot deter the Baloch freedom movement and the Baloch nation will continue their struggle till victory. The state forces will face disgraceful defeat as they did in the past.

Resident of New Kahan termed the Pakistani media as the B team of state forces and strongly criticised them, adding that, “Pakistani forces have been firing bullet over New Kahan the whole day long but the media turned a blind eyes which exposes collusion with the state and exposes their claims of being free media.”

Author: faizbaluch

Editor of Balochwarna New. Baloch human rights activist associated with Free Balochistan Movement and International Voice for Baloch Missing Persons.

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